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Sunrise History

In 1991, recent high school graduates saw a need in their community. They witnessed the challenges and barriers that youth and adults with developmental disabilities faced. 

Their dream was to create a space where individuals with disabilities had equitable access to recreational activities alongside their peers. From this dream, Sunrise was born.

Sunrise has adapted, grown and changed since then to ensure we continue providing the services and supports individuals with disabilities seek within the GTA.

At the base of all our services is the mission of creating an inclusive and uplifting environment for the individuals we serve.

Our Mission

To provide innovative programs for members diagnosed with developmental disabilities that are positive and inclusive through recreational, social and learning experiences. To foster friendships, promote independence, acceptance and inclusion of individuals with developmental disabilities in Durham Region.

Our Vision

To create safe and supportive environments to foster meaningful friendships and provide programming opportunities that reflect the needs and interest of participants and their families. To provide participants with opportunities for leadership and the skill to develop independence. Develop, foster and expand relationships with community partners and supporters. Advocate for the needs of participants and their families for programming services in our community. 

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